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Get in at ground zero with the franchise that’s poised to shake up and rattle the chicken QSR market for good. With hardly any major competitors in this niche market, our wings & tenders concept is ripe for a major roll out across the UK. Demand for our particular menu is unmet and unrivalled, we, along with our franchisees are ready to become a dominant player. With a diverse menu in the wing category and a business model offering great unit-level economics by emphasising simplicity of operations, Mash’s Wing Ranch® is already generating plenty of excitement. Backed by a strong team that has decades of experience both in operations and helping franchisees succeed, Mash’s Wing Ranch® is a worthy investment for entrepreneurs who want to get in at ground zero with a dynamic and proven brand.

Mashs Wing Ranch

What is a Mash’s Wing Ranch® franchise?

A good chicken wing is hard to find, succulent chicken tenders even harder! - that is until now. Mash’s Wing Ranch® is the new concept taking the category by storm. Unfortunately we’ve all had the same boring-tasting, breaded chicken wings sat for hours in a warming cabinet, and in today's market that simply doesn’t cut it. But that’s our competitors, not us. Our diners want more variety, more lip smackin’ flavours and choices, this is where we come in. Our buffalo wings are fresh, never frozen, and each wing is diligently flame grilled to perfection then tossed in one of our signature 9 sauces of your choice. Just as tempting are our hand breaded succulent boneless tenders, once again flavoured in our lip smackin’ sauces. But it doesn't stop there. Our menu has been carefully designed to cater and appeal to every customer base, whether you're a wing lover or not, we offer delicious buffalo shrimps, our signature Stinger™ Burger range, wraps, salads and tantalising sides. We offer large, family-style orders to cater for gatherings such as parties, as well as value meals for people on their lunch break.

Our franchisees get to take advantage of established franchise support infrastructure that is designed to help them succeed. We’ve spent many years improving our business model before we made the decision to franchise, and we have a solid and ongoing training program to help our franchisees achieve success. Our only goal as a brand is to help our franchise owners run and own profitable businesses. We work day-in and day-out to help their restaurants thrive and prosper.

Mashs Wing Ranch

A Simple Business Model Designed for Growth

Investing in a restaurant concept as exciting as Mash’s Wing Ranch® should be a dynamic, community-focused business – and it is. We’ve spent the last several years improving our business model in several markets, and by focusing on keeping things simple, we have developed a model that is streamlined, efficient, and quick to scale up. Everything from our menu, the layout of our kitchen, and how we use labour to maximise productivity while keeping labour costs low, is designed to be simple and replicable. Our customers revel in having so many options on our menu, but in reality we use few, high-quality ingredients that make managing inventory, as well as daily food prep and cooking, time and cost-efficient. Our kitchen layout is also unique. We only use 3 major pieces of primary cooking equipment, which keep the investment low, and they are strategically placed to maximise productivity. Our teams are cross-trained to focus on getting the orders out quickly.

Mashs Wing Ranch

Designed and Primed for Delivery

Unlike other concepts, who have had to adapt their business models to keep up with the rise of mobile delivery, Mash’s Wing Ranch® was designed for it. We have our own unique app that customers can use to order in advance, and we participate with major mobile delivery platforms such as UberEats, Just Eat and FoodHub. We also have a designated station on our counter to make picking up online orders fast and efficient. With the ever increasing trend of mobile delivery, we’re able to bring our delicious wings and tenders right to your door. Consumer lifestyles have changed. People can order right through their phones on our app or through our mobile delivery partners, and their food can be delivered right to their home or office. Right now, almost 80% of our product is consumed outside of the four walls of our restaurant, which really validates our commitment to being on the cutting edge of the mobile delivery boom, and our ability to deliver a product directly to our customers. With this in mind, we also now offer a streamlined delivery only franchise unit for those wishing to focus solely on the delivery and online market.

Mashs Wing Ranch

We Have The Infrastructure And Support Systems in Place For Our Franchisees To Succeedy

  • Site-selection
  • Build & construction
  • Design
  • Menu construction
  • Marketing
  • Comprehensive initial training
  • Operational support
  • Food procurement support
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Business development coaching
  • And much, much more!

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