We’re on the lookout for more sites across the UK

We believe in our brand and are constantly looking to grow. We are on the lookout for new sites across the UK as well as overseas.


Our restaurants provide ample seating space for customers looking to dine in. So whether you’re located in a busy city centre or shopping mall, we can transform your space into a Mash’s Wing Ranch in no time. Our in-house team design bespoke layouts for each individual site to ensure every restaurant is efficient, customer friendly and in keeping with Mash’s Wing Ranch style and design.


Ideal for smaller spaces in fuel stations, existing cafes etc.

Drive Thru

Fitting into 1,000sqft, this design offers customers a great experience and is ideal for units in town centres which generate heavy pedestrian footfall.

Food Court

Perfect for shopping centres, service stations and anywhere with communal seating. It is the perfect addition to any grab and go location.