About Us


Serving lip smackin’ flavours for over 25 years


Mash’s Wing Ranch® was founded in 1995 by four brothers, all with a love for great quality food. Not satisfied with simply having a zeal and passion for good food, they wished to create a successful brand that could be enjoyed by the Nation and beyond. Mash’s Wing Ranch® was born.

Our Company

Mash’s Wing Ranch® is a Quick Service Restaurant specialising in authentic American buffalo wings and boneless tenders, served with a unique selection of amazing, lip smackin’ sauces. Our ethos has always been to provide a good standard of service and to grow our business so that we are recognised for our quality of service throughout the UK. We are well on the way to achieving this. What it now requires is an outside input from successful franchise operations. This will be well managed and achieve a growth rate similar to those achieved by the original concept. Mash’s Wing Ranch ® great tasting, fresh and famous Buffalo Wings & Tenders cooked to perfection and tossed in our 9 lip smackin’ sauces with a unique taste and style. Our secret is a family recipe and process that’s been successful for over 25 years. Mash’s Wing Ranch ® also brings you delicious flame grilled chicken, tempting boneless tenders, sandwiches, wraps, salads, burgers, hotdogs and more. Mash’s Wing Ranch ® is a privately held, family oriented organisation. We believe strongly in our Core Values and strive to uphold them in everything we do.


Mash’s Wing Ranch ® Core Values

● Unwavering Respect - We believe in treating every individual with the same dignity and worth. That means that every employee strives to act with integrity in every interaction.

● Results Oriented - We believe individuals and groups must commit to and achieve end results.

● Dynamic Flexibility - We believe in a commitment to continuously improve our brand, our staff, our products and resources. As a result, our company is committed to continuous innovation to improve our productivity as well as profitability.

● Interactive Leadership - We believe in hands-on leadership that draws talent and ideas from creative and competent people. Our goal is to foster mutual respect and appreciation while increasing output.

● Caring Environment - We believe in providing a caring and supportive environment for all team members as well as emphasising the importance of good interpersonal relationships.



We have always thought that offering a reliable and trustworthy quality of service is the key to our operation and we have put this at the forefront of our thinking. All these aspects will need to be a top priority to enable new businesses to achieve our goal.